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Patagonia, Lakes & Mountains

Arrival to Bariloche and transfer to the hotel with English Speaking Guide.
Overnight in Bariloche

After Breakfast, we offer Small Circuit Tour. The tour starts in Bariloche, riding down Ezequiel Bustillo Ave.: a winding paved road along the Nahuel Huapi lakeshore. At kilometer 8, you come to Playa Bonita, from where you can see Huemul Island. Continuing along this road for another 10 km, and after passing through some beautiful scenery, you arrive at Campanario Hill. A chair lift takes you to the top of the hill (1050 m) from where you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of this region. You will see Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes, El Trébol lagoon, San Pedro and Llao Llao peninsulas, Victoria Island, Otto, López, Goye and Catedral hills, and the main town, San Carlos de Bariloche. Further ahead, and after leaving San Pedro peninsula behind, you reach Llao Llao peninsula, with its namesake hilltop hotel and San Eduardo Chapel, two architectural jewels of this region, and you go by Pañuelo Port, the starting point of many lake excursions. Further on you will go by a golf course, cross the bridge over the Angostura river that joins Nahuel Huapi Lake with Moreno Lake, and pass by López Bay at the base of López Hill. Further on, you get to the Panoramic Point, a belvedere with a magnificent view of Moreno Lake and Llao Llao peninsula. Then you will cross the bridge over Moreno Lake at a narrow end, follow the shoreline of El Trébol lagoon, and 2 km ahead you meet Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. again and return to Bariloche.
Duration: 04 hours
Overnight in Bariloche

After Breakfast, we offer the Navigation Puerto Blest and Los Cántaros Cascade.
The excursion starts in Bariloche and after a 25 km ride along Ezequiel Bustillo Ave. you arrive at Pañuelo Port. There you board El Cóndor catamaran and sail to Puerto Blest, on the western coast of Nahuel Huapi Lake. One of the attractions along the way is Centinela islet, where Francisco P. Moreno is buried. Once you arrive at Blest, you can visit the area or take an optional extention continuing for another 3 km bus ride to Frías Lake
where you sail for 20 minutes the very unique green colored water and enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Tronador, until you reach the Argentinean customs office. Upon returning to Blest Port, you board the catamaran again and navigate to Cántaros Port. A path of steps leads up to Los Cántaros Lake. Along the way, you can admire several cascades along Cántaros river that flows down to Nahuel Huapi Lake. Then we walk down and sail back to Pañuelo Port.
Lunch, National Park fee and optional Frías Lake sail are not included.
Duration: 10 hours
Overnight in Bariloche

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take your flight. END OF OUR SERVICES
Patagonia, Glaciers

Upon arrival, transfer from El Calafate airport to the hotel with English Speaking Guide. Rest of the day at your leisure.
Overnight in El Calafate

This park has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The famous Perito Moreno Glacier is in the extreme southwest of Lago Argentino 80 kilometers from El Calafate. It has become one of the greater natural spectacles of South America. From time to time walls of ice fall from the 60-meter-tall face into the waters of Brazo Rico or to the Canal de los Témpanos, navigating the channel to the principal body of the lake. This cycle will take 4 to 6 years ending with the lake divided in two. The Brazo Rico remains retained and elevates approximately 35 meters above its current level. The water slowly makes a tunnel in the glacier until the pressure makes it collapse. This spectacle is indescribable. The waters precipitate in gigantic waves only to start the process all over again.
State of paths: completely gravel. Regular tour departs at 9:00am, returns at 5:00pm.
Duration: 08 hours
Entrance fee is not included.
Note: It is possible to change the classic tour for the Full Day MiniTrekking over the Glacier with a Supplement of 275.-PER PERSON
(Includes: Regular FD, trfs to the port, box lunch)

Overnight in El Calafate.

Today we will enjoy of a navigation to Upsala Glacier + Estancia Cristina +4x4 Upsala Viewpoint + Museum. Regular transfer to the port without guide. Boarding and departure at port Punta Bandera (NPC) 08.15 hours in our modern and comfortable boat. Sailing among icebergs and stunning scenery overlooking the western front of the Upsala glacier and then through Cristina Canal to the point of disembark at the Estancia. Arrival Estancia Cristina 11:30 hs. Stay at the Estancia for 6 hours. Lunch is included. Guided visit to the Costumbrista museum (old shearing shed). Ascent in all-terrain vehicles, travelling 9.5 km through mountainous roads. Arrival to the Continental ice shelter, 30-minute walk there. Visit the oriental front of Upsala Glacier. Lake Guillermo, Southern Patagonian Ice and Andes.
Return to the farmhouse of the Estancia and board at 17:30 hs. Arrival to Puerto Banderas at 19:00 hs approximately.
Transfer to the hotel.
Note: If the maximum number of passengers is exceeded, visitors will be divided in turns by the tour coordinator of the Estancia.
Lunch is included. Entrance fee is not included.
Overnight in El Calafate

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take your flight. END OF OUR SERVICES
Wonder of the World

Arrival in Puerto Iguazú, welcome at the airport and regular transfer to the hotel with English Speaking Guide.
Overnight in Puerto Iguazú, standard room

After breakfast transfer to Iguazu National Park to enjoy a Full Day regular tour to the Argentinean side of the falls with English speaking guide (SIB). We will visit the three main paths: the upper and lower paths as well as the Devil´s Throat. It will be possible to enjoy impressive views of the falls from different perspectives.
Upper Walk: A walk of 500 mts. long and last about 45 minutes seeing the Two Sisters, Bosseti, Adam and Eve, Bernabe Mendez, Mbiguá and San Martín falls from the upper part. Lower Path: With a professional tourist guide you will walk around 1.300 mts of footpath which last 1:30 hs. It’s a different view in which you will see the falls from the middle of them and you might get wet in case you want.
Garganta Del Diablo (Devil’s Throat): Before doing these two paths, we’ll aboard a little train, it will reach us, after drive 4 km, to Devils Throat Station surrounding the upper part of the Iguazu River, from here you’ll walk by a bridge (walkway) that leads to the balcony of Devil’s throat. The most spectacular view.
Duration: 6 hours.
Optional: Great Adventure Boat Ride (not included)
Lunch is included at the National Park. Entrance to Iguazú National Park is not included.
Overnight in Puerto Iguazú, standard room.

After breakfast, regular tour to Iguazú Falls - Brazilian Side. From Brazilian National Park, there are panoramic views of the falls which are almost 3 km long and 270 cascades. This tour takes a 1000-meter easy walk that lasts approximately 1 hr and starts from the Das Cataratas Hotel and finishes in the canyon of the Devil’s Throat.
Duration: 3 hours
Entrance to Iguazú National Park is not included.
Regular transfer to the airport to take your flight. END OF OUR SERVICES
Cuyo Land

Arrival in Mendoza and transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Mendoza, Standard room.

Start: We will leave Mendoza City to head for the most picture-postcard villages and historical places in the mountain along the international route between Mendoza and Chile.
Activity: In this beautiful tour we will visit: The Potrerillos´ Dam with its wonderful panoramic points, the Uspallata valley, the historical Picheuta Bridge, and Penitentes ski center. Then, the tour will lead us to the famous Puente de Inca, a natural stone bridge with hotsprings. Finally, we will stop in the Aconcagua National Park viewpoint to take stunningly captivating photos.
Overnight in Mendoza, Standard room

To the east of the city, Maipú transports us to the past. Experience the origin of wine in Argentina. Visit three wineries that opened the path of viticulture here in Argentina and still have conserved their family traditions to this day, forming an important part of the production of wines in Mendoza.
This tour is designed to share and enjoy an excellent day of wines. We will visit some of the most important and renowned wineries of this region. This experience is shared by fellow passengers who enjoy the same interest for this fascinating beverage. In this way each guest is able to enjoy every detail of the visits during this dynamic tour with a perfect ending of a lunch with more wines to taste.
*Regular tour only available on Wednesday, if the dates do not match we will suggest a similar one.
Overnight in Mendoza, Standard room

Breakfast. At the schedule time transfer to the airport to take your departure flight. END OF OUR SERVICES
Northwest Argentino

Arrival in Salta and transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Salta, Standard Room

Departure from Salta in the morning, to arrive at the first hours to the Town of Purmamarca, with its Cerro Siete Colores, the Church and the Craft Market on the square. After touring the village, you climb the Lipan slope until you reach the impressive Salinas Grandes, one of the most visited destinations in the Puna de Jujuy region, an incredible place where the white landscape merges with the intense blue sky, there you can observe the process of extracting table salt. You return to Salta by the same path.
Overnight in Purmamarca, Standard Room

On the way to Humahuaca, the tour passes different villages like Volcán, Tumbaya and Maimara with its “painter’s palette” of colors. In Tilcara we visit an archaeological museum and the “Pucara” (amazing indigenous ruins). We then continue the trip, pass Huacalera and Uquía, and finally arrive to Humahuaca and ancient picturesque village. Walk around the place and free time for lunch. In the afternoon we return to Salta.
Overnight in Salta, Standard Room

At the schedule time transfer to the airport to take your departure flight. END OF OUR SERVICES
The end of the world

Arrival in Ushuaia and regular transfer from Airport to the hotel with English Speaking Guide.
In the afternoon navigation across the mythical Beagle Channel.
We start sailing from the Tourist Wharf of our city, towards the Beagle Channel, enjoying as we move away, from the panoramic view of the coast of Ushuaia, spotting the most important buildings, Maritime Museum (former presidio), Museum of the End of the World, the industrial area, and the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains.
We go to the Bridges Islands where we make our stop and descent. It is important to note that the walk that is made during this visit is not difficult and is within the reach of anyone. In addition to having the experience of walking on a small island in the middle of the Beagle Channel, the objective is to appreciate the following three fundamental attractions: Concharo Yámanas: archaeological remains of the original inhabitants of the Beagle Channel.
A few meters from the dock there are deposits from the Yámanas or Yaganes settlements, we will enter one of them and, based on the guide’s explanations, we will imagine how they lived.
In addition, a cut in the wall of the conchero will allow us to better understand and observe the stratification of the discarded mussel shells.
Interpretation of the particular flora of an island in the middle of the Beagle Channel. Going through the interpretation circuit, we appreciate the particular development that plants, flowers and fruits achieve in this special ecosystem. We return to embark and sail towards the southwest, approaching the island of Los Lobos, where, from the boat, we can enjoy the sight of specimens of sea lions, observing their permanent habitat, in a wonderful scenery. Continuing the navigation, we will head towards the island of Los Pájaros, habitat of Magellanic Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants and privileged sector to see specimens of the marine avifauna.
We continue towards the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago of the same name, where the ship Monte Cervantes was shipwrecked in 1930.
The return will be through Paso Chico, spotting Estancias Tunel and Fique, we return to Ushuaia, with a view of the imposing frame that gives the city the Martial Mount and the glacier of the same name.
Transfers in/out to the touristic port are not included. (center located, easy to go by walking).
Duration: 3 hours.
Overnight in Ushuaia, Standard Room.

After breakfast we will go in a walk, where we will combine a trekking and a canoeing tour by the National Park Tierra del Fuego, the trails will take us to the most beautiful places of the park where we will observe much wildlife, Giants trees similar to those seen in the film the Lord of the Rings, also we will observe many birds which are inhabit in these forests, after this walk will pass in our adventure to the sea, where in our well equipped canoes we will sail by the Beagle Channel, will visit the Island of the sea lions and the Mesa Redonda island where we will see the Imperial cormorants, we will landed on this island where we will have a nice time to share a coffee with a beautiful view as the end of the afternoon. Our return to Ushuaia will be around 06: 00 Pm.
Lunch is included. Entrace fee is not included.
Overnight in Ushuaia, Standard Room.

We will begin collecting our customers from their hotels in our bus that runs along the northern sector of the island, passing through areas of Turbas. Running along the valleys of the Carbajal Huskies, Tierra Mayor and the cotorras covering about 75 kmts. After that it crosses the Andes Cordillera by Paso Garibaldi, from where you will have a panoramic view of the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano.From there begins the descent towards Lake Escondido, on foot if you want (45 minutes) or bus showing the Hostería Petrel (currently closed). Continues the journey through the old route until the paved part until the board of the Lake Fagnano, stopping at a viewpoint. Begins the return to the city and on the road, we will have a lunch in one of the winter refuges. This lunch is not included in the price of the excursion and usually offers a menu of fuegian lamb.
Note: Regular tour availbale on Mon,Wed,Fri, Sun if the dates do not match we will suggest a similar tour.
Overnight in Ushuaia, Standard Room.

Transfer to the airport to take your flight. END OF OUR SERVICES
Buenos aires